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March 25, 2010
Source: East Asian Economic News (东亚经贸新闻)

Yesterday in Changchun, the capital city of Jilin Province, residents complained about huge piles of snow and garbage mixed together along various roads in some neighborhoods near Yatai Street.  The garbage-snow mix was so bad that traveling on the road became a problem.

The 3-meter long garbage-snow piles, along with the recent melting of snow, made the roads muddy.  One resident said, “The garbage dump has been like this for a long time with nobody recently coming to take care of it.”  Normally, sanitation crews are responsible for cleaning up garbage in this area, but no crews have come to clean it in a while.  Residents see garbage trucks pass by occasionally, but they haven’t recently stopped to pick up the garbage.

See the original (Chinese) story here.


Hong Kong-based photographer Alex Hoffard recently visited Hong Kong’s South Soko Islands. The photos he took display an array of discarded plastic items including lighters, plastic toys, medicinal waste, bottles, Styrofoam, and tiny “nurdles.”

The beaches of South Soko Islands, reports Hoffard, are actually cleaner now than when Hong Kong University Ecotoxicologist Nico Zurcher had visited the islands.

It’s hard to say precisely where this garbage came from, or how the marine life that lie dead on the beaches of the South Soko Islands ultimately met their fate. But the largest garbage generator in the world is conspicuously close to the islands.

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